Below you will find a couple of suggestions, that you should consider if you want

to become our patient:

We take appointments only by phone.

Only based on a direct phone call, our customer assistant will be able to plan your visit. Electronically submitted requests for appointments may lead to delays or confusion.

Please take time to plan your visit.

Please plan ahead for traffic jams, parking and adequate preparation for the visit. We strive to serve our customers, however unexpected situations can always occur (urgencies, patients with pain, extended procedures). It is important that you be prepared for any such emergencies and approach them with comprehension – it may be happen to all of us that we will urgently need help.

You are our patient and you can count on us. We will help you.


We share the responsibility for you beautiful smile with you.

We need your involvement and full commitment to treatment. By taking care of your oral cavity and following doctor’s recommendations you can avoid a lot of trouble and complications. Your treatment will be a much more pleasant experience :).

We guarantee the quality of craftsmanship and durability of our filings on condition that we can check them every 6 months and on condition that you return for a dental hygiene visit every 12 months.

If we find a tartar and other deposits on your teeth, they need to be removed before treatment.

If your teeth are tarnished, it will not be impossible to carry out a detailed exam of your oral cavity and prepare a detailed plan for comprehensive treatment.

Cancellation and rescheduling

We all live at a very high pace and we understand that you may need to cancel or reschedule your visit due to extraordinary circumstances. Please call us and notify us of any changes beforehand. Remember there are other patients that would happily check in for you. If you fail to notify us in advance, we will charge you extra PLN 100.00 on your next visit 🙁 We are partners with a common goal – let’s respect each other!

If you want to start a comprehensive therapy with us

a therapy that may be costly, unpleasant, long and tedious, you need to be WILLING to do so and to be ready to spend many hours in a dental chair, travel and take lifetime care of your oral hygiene at home.

Your health and trust is our top priority!

Don’t think that the only thing we want is to sell you something and make money quick.

All treatment alternatives must be explained to you. You need to comprehend your therapeutic options and it is you who choses what is right for you – so ask questions, require explanations and take your time before you decide!