Teeth whitening

– perfectly white smile in just 60 minutes

We provide you with professional, safe and convenient teeth whitening procedures.

In a matter of an hour, upon leaving our clinic, you will beam with a shiny smile.

We have been a certified Beyond system reseller.

– most secure and efficient teeth whitening method in the world.



Beyond method of teeth whitening – professional and effective


If your teeth are stained by food, coffee, tea or cigarettes

Beyond system is for you.

This system may be helpful in whitening teeth decoloured by the use fluoride, antibiotics and other medications.

Your genetically determined teeth colour may be modified to a lighter shade with Beyond system.

This treatments is completely safe for adamantine and its effects last for about 2 years.

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Teeth whitening in Warsaw – beam with a shiny smile!

Our clinic is located in Praga – Południe.

Your safety and well being is guaranteed. We will take care of you professionally.

We offer a broad portfolio of dental care products:

Philips, Blend a Med, Oral-B, Pierre Fabre, Elmex, Brush Baby.

You can pay in instalments.

We take major credit cards.