Even the most expensive prophylaxis is cheaper than treatment

Visit your dentist regularly to enjoy a beautiful smile for many years to come! Do not neglect your routine dental check ups and make good use of oral hygiene procedures. Remember, the fate of your teeth is in your hands…and somewhat in ours too!

Scaling and sanding your teeth, fluoride treatment,

brushing with a pumice paste and pit and fissure sealing,

and oral hygiene training are on our list of services in decay prophylaxis

and oral hygiene treatments.

Teeth whitening

we use a world renowned system for effective teeth whitening


Oral hygiene and decay prophylaxis in Warsaw

Oral care treatments and trainings in oral hygiene provided by registered dental hygienists.

We have participated in a number of oral care programs in Praga Południe.

We have partnered with schools and kindergartens.


Sign up for a dental check and oral care training today!

Oral hygiene products

We offer a broad range of oral hygiene products:

Philips, Blend a Med, Oral-B, Pierre Fabre and Elmex.

Our clinic supports Encourage your children to brush their teeth program. We sell a broad range of Baby Brush oral hygiene products for babies.

Gapinet przyjazny malemu pacjentowi