Beautiful smile – it won’t hurt you!

Effective anaesthetics is the first step to any treatment.

In our clinic you are in the right hands and you won’t even feel the moment of anaesthetics induction.

You will be professionally sedated to reduce your visit related anxiety but you will remain aware and you will fully comprehend what is going on.

Endodontics, dental fillings, dental surgery, implants – it won’t hurt you at our clinic!


Inhaled sedation – safe reduction of irritability by means of nitrous oxide


It is a very effective and safe sedation method that may be used in children and adults to reduce anxiety.

The method involves the oral administration of pure oxygen mixed with a sedative gas.

It reduces visit related anxiety and fear of anaesthesia application. You will be fully conscious at the same time.

During the procedure you can sit back and relax watching your favourite show, a cartoon or chill out listening to music.

Good news for adult dentophobes – as early as 15 minutes after the procedure, you can drive!

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Computer assisted anaesthesia SleeperOne

– rapid, painless without stress

In order to provide you with a maximum level of comfort, we use state of the art instruments and materials.

We use SleeperOne to induce anaesthesia.

We will induce effective and exact amount of anaesthesia for the treatment of a single tooth so that you will not feel any pain.

Your anaesthesia will work immediately.

It will subside and resolve completely as early as 20 minutes post procedure.