Tooth extraction, implants, bone repairs

– painless procedures with the use of inhaled sedatives

We know how to pull out a tooth in a smooth and complications free manner and replace it with an implant.

Sometimes a bone tissue needs to be fixed too in order to fix an implant – we carry out such procedures accordingly to the world’s renowned standards.

Dentophobes can always count on a good puff of inhaled sedatives (laughing gas) that will reduce your tension.

We routinely use SleperOne computer controlled anesthesia system.


Competent team, painless treatments

Modern dental surgery is occupied with gum plasty to adapt them for ceramic veneers, crowns or implant supported crowns. We routinely carry out the above treatments based on provious evaluations and only upon acceptance of future effects by patients.

We carry out elective tooth extractions due to orthodontic

and orthognathic procedures or extraxtions of misplaced wisdom teeth.

We carry out corrective procedures of lip or tongue frenulum incision.

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Dental surgery in Warsaw

We have been on the market for 15 years.

We use verified methods and offer a reliable therapy!

We approach treatment in a comprehensive and professional way.

Let’s plan various treatment scenarios for you.

Our bills are transparent.

You can pay in installments.

Our clinic is located in Praga-Południa district in Warsaw.