Family dentistry – we are here to

help you!

We are a team of professionals led by Tomasz Borzęcki DDS.

We support one another, coordinate treatment and manage our patients together. Often, in case of more complex procedures you will see us working as a team.

Your therapy is guaranteed. The treatment will be painless and safe.

On a daily basis we use top class equipment, devices and materials.


We approach treatment in a comprehensive and professional way.

You can pay in installments.

Dental surgeons in Warsaw, Grochów district

– we will take care of your problems comprehensively!

We have been on the market for 17 years.

For 7 years we have operated a clinic in Praga Południe district of Warsaw.

We have managed over 3000 patients of all ages.

Our areas of expertize include: implantology, prosthetics, dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics and pediatric dentistry.

We cooperate with schools and kindergartens in respect of dental education.

We offer a broad range of oral hygiene products: Philips, Blend a med, Elmex, Pierre Fabre, Brush Baby, Oral-B.


We approach treatment in a comprehensive and professional way. Let’s plan various treatment scenarios for you.

Our bills are transparent.